Sølvparaplyen for journalistic excellence 2012
The TV documentary “De gode bombene” (The good bombs) TV2 was awarded the Bergen Journalist Guild’s prize for journalistic excellence.

“Gullruten” for best TV documentary, 2008
The series “The Future of Water” was awarded best TV-documentary produced in 2007 on Norwegian Broadcasting. Read more about The Future of Water

Freedom of Expression Prize, 2007 (Fritt Ords pris)
The Prize is an acknowledgement accorded  individuals or institutions engaged in activities deemed especially worthwhile in the light of the foundation’s objects clause, that is to “protect and promote freedom of expression and the environment for freedom of expression in Norway, particularly by encouraging lively debate and the dauntless use of the free word.”

The jury stated: “Terje Tvedt has used his vast expertise to examine Norwegian development cooperation and peace policies and the close connection between NGOs, research institutions, the political community and the Norwegian State. With a critical look at Norwegian policies and how they work, he has challenged our self-image and perceptions of the world. Among other things, he has been concerned with the similarities and differences between colonialism and development aid policy” More

Fritt Ord-prisen til Terje Tvedt (NRK – in Norwegian)

Nominated for Gullruten, 2007
De hvite hjelperne (The White Do-Gooders) nominated for Gullruten for best TV documentary.

The Research Council of Norway’s Award for Excellence in Communication of Science 2005
The Award for Excellence in Communication of Science for 2005 was given to Professor Terje Tvedt in recognition of his long-standing, original and professional efforts to popularise information from a key field of knowledge. The jury’s full statement

Formidlingsprisen til Terje Tvedt (in Norwegian)

British Society for Middle Eastern Studies Reward 2004
The River Nile in the Age of the British. Political Ecology and the Quest for Economic Power shortlisted in the British Society for Middle Eastern Studies award competition for best book in the world in any discipline written on the Middle East in 2004 .

“Vannviten” 2001. Prize for research and popularization about water. Awarded by The Norwegian Hydrological Society and the Norwegian Water Associations.

Grand Prix for best documentary, 1999 The 17th Festival International du Film d´Environment, Paris, for A Journey in the History of Water — in competition with 400 films from all over the world.

Prize for communicating research, 1999. Norwegian Research Council.

The Meltzer-fund and the Bergen University fund’s jubilee-prize for excellent research and popularisation, 1998. The price was awarded for the TV-series A Journey in the History of Water, where Tvedt was responsible for the programme idea, manuscript and narration.  More (in Norwegian).

Nominated for “Gullruten” and “Amanda” 1998. Nominated forbest Tv documentary for A Journey in the History of Water.