Help – Five TV documentaries

“Help” is a collection of five TV documentaries dealing with what Tvedt calls “the goodness regime”.  The series approaches the Norwegian self-image and world-view in a time when this small country (0.01 per cent of the global population) aimed to become world champion in development aid and a global humanitarian power.

Tvedt made the films together with Anne Marie Groth, Per Christian Magnus and Robert Reinlund.

A drop of luxury
(En dråpe luksus) TV2, 2010

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A critical investigation of the bottled water company Voss Water. The documentary is a critique of the culture of Charitainment and power, as Voss Water and its charity business involves one of the most influential families in Norway.

The white do-gooders
(De hvite hjelperne) TV2, 2007

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This documentary displays the fraud behind the “white lorries” depicted as one of the largest and most successful aid projects in Norwegian history. The project was stopped soon after this documentary was aired.

The Norwegian State Missionaries
(De norske statsmisjonærene) TV2, 2004

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This documentary reveals a national schizophrenia. On one hand Norway considers itself a neutral humanitarian power. But on the other hand the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs engages people, who proclaim themselves Christian fundamentalists, as political envoys abroad.

The Hired Norwegian Diplomats
(De norske leiediplomatene) TV 2, 2004

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Documents the failed mobilization by the Norwegian state in water diplomacy in the Middle East.