Southern Sudan: An Annotated Bibliography

This major bibliography presents researchers, consultants, planners, aid organizations and others with the most comprehensive overview of the literature on the southern Sudan. To facilitate ease of use it is organized according to important topics of regional development: agriculture and pastoralism; anthropological and cultural studies; British and European colonialism; Christian mission and church studies; development; fisheries; health; pre-colonial history; language studies; natural sciences; politics, ethnic and religious strife and civil war; travel and geography; and water and climate. There is a separate section detailing reports produced by consultants, governments, NGOs and UN and international aid organizations. An inventory of NGO and UN organizations working in the region and a chronology of events are also included.

Tvedt, Terje (2004): Southern Sudan: An Annotated Bibliography.  2 vols., 2nd. Ed., London/ New York: IB Tauris. 2004. 624 pages.

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