Conflicts in the Horn of Africa

1993: (ed.) Conflicts in the Horn of Africa: human and ecological consequences of warfare, Uppsala: EPOS, 1993.

This volume analyses and documents some collective consequences of different wars in Africa. These exhibit varying characteristics; the immediate national and regional consequences of large-scale regional wars in Ethiopia/Eritrea an in the Sudan, the tribal warfare in southwestern Ethiopia, the indirect and long-term consequences of World War I in the Blue Nile basin and the appalling destruction caused by warring clans and groups in Somalia. Assumptions about the nature of war and its societal role vary, as do notions of possible dimensions and levels of analysis. The contributions deal with some of these angles and with different focuses, both in order to understand them properly, and to demonstrate the need for empirical, contextual analyses. The authors examine issues leading to conflicts and consequences of conflicts on a human and an ecological level through selected case studies. The seminar upon which this book is based invited scholars representing different disciplines, geographical areas and perspectives.